Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What do we do and how does this work?

We use detailed hashtag analysis to find Instagram users interested in your niche. Then we like and/or comment on those posts to obtain real engaged followers, not fake accounts. We also follow the followers of the larger accounts related to your industry and unfollow those who do not follow you back. Our method is the quickest and best way to build a quality audience.

We will also give input (if needed) to make sure your posts are optimized for maximum growth and engagement.

If you’re looking for bulk followers instantly, we are not the right fit for you. Those followers are most likely fake and offer no real value.

We’re proudly based in the U.S. and would love the opportunity to work with you.

2. Are the followers real people and will they disappear?

We only deliver genuine active followers (no fake or bots accounts).

Since these are real people they cannot be removed by us or the social networks.

3. Is this service safe for my Instagram account?

Our method is natural and safe for your account.

We work within the terms of services for the social networks.

4. How much is this and how do I pay?

It’s $89.99 per month for one account. Save on the monthly rate by having us build your followers on Twitter & Pinterest too.

Payments are accepted through PayPal or credit card. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel at any time. Sign up is easy,  click here to get started!